Core Holdings

Sapinda has built a selection of core assets across the following three core sectors, with the support of blue chip co-investors:



We recognise the growth opportunities in natural resources, particularly mining in the African region, and operate as a strategic investor in mining companies.

Sapinda founded IchorCoal, a thermal coal producer, listed on three German stock exchanges and focusing on South Africa. Sapinda is the largest shareholder in IchorCoal, which has significant coal reserves and operations in South Africa, including a 45% stake in Mbuyelo Coal, the largest independent black owned coal mining group in South Africa, and a 29.9% stake in Universal Coal plc, an Australian-listed mining company, focusing on the development and operation of mines in South Africa.

The combined group forms one of the largest independent coal mining companies in South Africa. Sapinda is committed to support and finance its ambitions to become the leading South African mid-cap pure-play coal mining company.

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We have active investments in the agriculture and food processing space and are committed to investing in this sector for the long term.

Sapinda founded and is the majority shareholder of Amatheon Agri, an agribusiness and farming company which develops and operates sustainable agri and food projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based in Berlin, it is listed on NYSE Euronext. Combining agricultural management with financial expertise, Amatheon-Agri has developed large-scale land and agriculture operations in sub-Saharan Africa and has ambitious plans to become one of the largest companies in this region.

We are growing our agriculture and food processing investments through add-on acquisitions. Our portfolio companies focus on sustainability and local communities, with a proven track record of providing substantial employment opportunities amongst other benefits to local communities.

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Oil and Gas


Sapinda has committed substantial capital in the oil and gas sector and has a significant shareholding in Sequa Petroleum, an oil and gas company listed on Euronext and with an initial investment in Central Asia.

Sequa is focused on developing existing oil assets in Africa, Asia, North-West Europe and other select countries. It has an international team of industry-leading professionals with expertise in production, exploration and development of assets onshore and offshore, in jurisdictions around the globe, meaning it is well-placed to source and realise oil and gas investment and development opportunities.

Based on existing projects and committed investments, Sapinda expects that its oil business will reach 500 Mio+ barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) reserves in the near term.

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