Financial Investments

Sapinda invests actively in a number of special situations across different regions, asset classes and sectors as a financial investor.

We focus on investments in public and private companies where we have identified either a good strategic entry point or an opportunity to support the company towards a near-term value catalyst.

Once a shareholder, Sapinda is committed to the development and the growth of the company, and we will often provide further add-on investments across the capital structure.

Current sectors in which Sapinda has invested capital include:

Real Estate


Sapinda is an investor in a number of European real estate companies and has supported their growth through a number of add-on investments in equity, convertible and straight debt issues.

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Sapinda is a shareholder in several U.S. listed security and healthcare technology companies, including Track Group, as well as a number of Asian and European innovative technology companies in online games, smartphone content and online education content. 

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Sapinda has a stake in Wild Bunch AG, AzubuTV and RNTS Media, German-listed media distribution companies, as well as in one of the major and fast-growing Hollywood studios.

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